Sideways & Co. is an event planning and styling company for the beautifully unconventional. We welcome anyone and everyone with positive vibes.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and guide you through your event planning journey. 

We want to authentically get to know you and design a celebration based off of your unique traits, likes and style. It is our speciality to get down to the purpose behind every aspect of your event.

Yes, sometimes that means veering off the straight and narrow, and taking a sideways approach!

We will give you the confidence you need to just say "nope!" to that 300-person wedding your parents dream of and "yes!" to the dreamy micro-wedding that you just cannot get out of your mind.

Hello there! I am Jeff, Meghan’s husband and thus the in-house engineer, heavy box carrier or anything else the Sideways team needs help with. 

When I am not helping Sideways & Co., I am looking after our sweet baby girl, Eloise, and working as a design and construction program manager at a busy hospital. 

I enjoy the challenge of taking a design and coming up with the materials and mathematics to bring it into the real world. 

I will never say no to creating flavors in the kitchen, discovering beautiful PNW hikes and cold pilsners on a hot summer day.

In-House Engineer


Hey there! My name is Erica, your new nomadic dream chasing friend. I was born in Oregon but grew up in Dallas, Texas. I met Meghan through the hospital life when I returned to Portland for a few years! I am also a nine-to-five radiographer (well, actually 3-11pm now, #nightowl), based in San Diego. 

My passions for helping friends is what led me to become a part of Sideways & Co. Meghan sensed that I had creative instincts and really tapped into what I am passionate outside of my main gig. 

Hobbies include but are not limited to: digital art and illustrations, hand-lettering, fitness, coffee (I, too, do not turn down oat lattes’ and champagne—hence my fast friendship with Meghan, and hopefully you!)

Not to toot my own bugle here, but I like to think I’m also mad efficient with monotonous tasks, so I'm basically your personal steam train that will help get that day-of-to-do list done, all for the sake of enjoying the dance floor ASAP ;)

Lead Coordinator (California) + Illustrator


Hi hi! I’m Michelle, the lead stylist at Sideways & Co. and designer of all the things! 

Growing up, I was always crafty. One thing led to another and somehow I ended up at Rhode Island School of Design where I tinkered, crafted and designed all day every day. 

After bouncing around the east coast, I made my way to Portland. My day job is in advertising and marketing (I’m currently an art director for Google) and while it can be fun, it’s also nonstop computer work. 

The stars aligned when I met Meghan as she was planning my best friend’s wedding. It was a match made in heaven! Sideways & Co. is my outlet for my constant craving of moodboards, spreadsheets, color palettes, crafting and daydreaming! I love creating spaces that bring people together and I love making sure it’s as beautiful and considered as it can be.

My wardrobe is mostly made up of grey tees. IPAs are my beverage of choice. Cheese boards and charcuterie gets my heart beating. I critique typography every where I go. And yes, I will pay extra for guacamole.

Lead Stylist + Designer


Hello new friend! I am Meghan, the lead planner and owner around here. 

Sideways & Co. was born from my desire to get creative beyond my nine-to-five radiographer job and the desire for more flexibility as a new mama! 

The journey started with my own wedding, then some friend's weddings, and then working for a top wedding planner and stylist and finally into what you see now.

I adore researching and collaborating with local vendors and artisans. There are so many creatives living that side hustle lifestyle that we aim to support.

I will never say no to an iced oat latte, champagne or a hug.

My favorite part of this work is creating new friendships, fun memories and removing your event stress.

Owner, Lead Planner + Coordinator


We are a collective of talented, heart-centered creatives that stand by the side hustle. You may see other friendly faces during your event planning journey with Sideways & Co. because we love tapping into our pool of side hustle planners and stylists for support during the planning process and for day-of support!

Sideways & Co. is woman (and mama!) owned. 

meet the sideways team


There is no way we can do all this alone! We are always looking for rad people to add to our collective of event assistants.


do you want to take a sideways approach to your event?